Volunteers Week 2021

Here’s a list of the Tech Support, Mark, a volunteer, has provided for us. Just a little showcase of the type of things some of our volunteers do.

  • Assisted with the set up of a new laptop with voice recognition as typing was becoming difficult.
  • Provided and configured a Wifi extender to ensure laptop could be used in the living room.
  • Configured Whatsapp to backup weekly.
  • Reduced popups by configuring settings in Chrome.
  • Resolved issues with wireless printers which had stopped working.
  • For a person whose sight was deteriorating, demonstrated iPad use with accessibility settings and loaned an iPad. Set up Borrowbox (Free eLibrary for public libraries in Warwickshire that can be used for Audio books and eBooks) and Amazon Audible, Demonstrated a Firestick that turns any reasonably modern TV into a Smart TV with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime Video etc. ( Many other types available including Chromecast stick).
  • Helped with the transfer of mobile phone contract, while retaining existing number (Porting). Thank you so much!