all of the volunteers are so friendly and supportive

This message is from one of our volunteers, Pam, about the fabulous work she has been doing.

“I had seen an appeal for helpers in the local newspaper. Safeguarding checks didn’t take long, and I was soon having a remote training session from the team coordinator. My first shift started a few days later.

I was initially nervous – but needn’t have been. The system for logging the calls is very simple to use and all of the volunteers are so friendly and supportive. We choose which shifts we want to work, and I usually sign up for three a week. Some days were very busy, with voicemails stacking up, but when that happened there was always back-up to help out. In recent weeks the number of phonecalls has reduced massively and many people are contacting us to say that they are now fully vaccinated so feel more confident in venturing out themselves. It is so good to feel (nearly) redundant.

Supporting the charity has given me insight into some of the challenges our neighbours face, and some of the needs which will remain once COVID has passed. Those we help voice such gratitude, particularly for the Pharmy Army who respond so quickly even to the most urgent needs. I reflect on how lucky I am that my children live within easy reach. I could so easily have become a client rather than a volunteer.”